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Datum - 14.10.2022
15:00 - 17:00
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MVHS Bildungszentrum Einstein 28


Poets have long known what natural scientists have only come to recognize in recent decades: that human beings are born with an innate love of nature and can only thrive as a part of the natural world, and not apart from it. Eminent poets such as William Wordsworth, Edward Thomas, Ted Hughes, and Sylvia Plath explore the strong connection between nature and mankind in fascinating ways. We will combine our indoor discussion of nature poems with short walks to the Isar to deepen our understanding of the authors‘ aims and ideas.

Kursnummer: P244546

Dozentin: Dr. Daniella Jancsó

Gebühr: € 68,- Anmeldung erforderlich

5x Fr, 14.10.2022 bis 03.02.2023