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Datum - 09.01.2023
18:30 - 20:30
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In this course we explore how the immediate and highly visual language of cinematic writing can help us express and shape our own stories, as well as the vivid life of our emotions and dreams. The language of film forces us to select and imaginatively transform moments, memories, and feelings into concrete images and action. Whether we’re capturing our world in a montage of moving images, in close-up or with an eagle’s eye view, the possibilities are limitless. Flash-forward, flash-back, past/present/future: The stirring and scenic world of film places us in an ever-present now.

Kursnummer: P246395

Dozentin: Carolyn A. Morrow

Gebühr: € 89,- Anmeldung erforderlich

6x mo, 09.01.2023 bis 13.02.2023, 18:30 Uhr bis 20:30 Uhr