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Datum - 06.11.2024
18:00 - 19:30
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God Help the Child follows Bride and the people she meets, all of them in one way or another deeply affected by treatment they received from adults when they were children. Bride’s mother and father cannot love her as much as they should because of her much darker skin color. The novel follows the implications of that on her self-worth and how she conducts various relationships, whether with her boyfriend Booker or with family and friends. The nuances of the African American experience and the never-ending effects of a troubled childhood provide the texture for this acclaimed novel.

Morrison, a Pulitzer and Nobel Prize winner best known for her novel Beloved, died in 2019.

Free admission, no registration necessary.

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About the Amerikahaus Literary Circle
The Amerikahaus Literary Circle (AHLC) is a grassroots, English-language book club that meets monthly at the Amerikahaus to discuss works of American literature and, thereby, foster a conversation of transatlantic understanding. The AHLC meetings are free; the reading list is comprised of books that have been nominated and selected by the members of the AHLC.